Our Warranty

For over 75 years VELUX has been dedicated to producing skylights & roof windows that are synonymous with quality and reliability. Our commitment to you does not end once your skylight has been installed.

As the world leader in roof windows and skylights, we stand behind our products with a promise of lasting service and quality. That is a promise we have kept for over 75 years, and we are pleased to extend our promise to you.

Our skylights and flashings come with a 10-year warranty, Sun Tunnels with a 7 year warranty. We also provide a 3 year warranty to all blinds, electronic components and accessories. 

We believe the best guarantee is the one you never have to use, therefore, we build quality into every product. If you have concerns about your VELUX products that may require a warranty claim, the warranty document includes specific steps for you to follow that will help VELUX better assist you.

Download our VELUX Warranty (PDF) or call us toll-free at 1300 859 856 for a printed copy.