Craft Brewery

Harriet and DJ McCready dreamt about opening a micro brewery in the Blue Mountains for years. They finally got the opportunity when a neglected heritage building from 1912 became vacant. It took two years to restore the building to its former glory...and VELUX skylights were essential for the end result.

“The first two things people notice when they walk through the door are the brewing equipment and the ceiling with the exposed beams and VELUX skylights. People look up and go ‘wow!’. Besides the light and ventilation, the skylights help create a cathedral-like feeling of space that our guests absolutely love.” Harriet McCready

Shopping Centre

36 VELUX skylights bring natural light to shopping centre

Architect Andre Jones knew that natural light would be critical for the commercial success of the redeveloped Halls Head shopping centre in WA. He also knew that VELUX skylights would be an easy and cost efficient solution.
36 VELUX skylights take centre stage in Andre’s innovative design. In the first month after the redevelopment, the shopping centre went from 25,000 shoppers to 270,000. Andre believes natural light is crucial for the shopping experience and is currently working on two more projects incorporating VELUX:
“Traditionally there’s not a lot of natural light in WA’s shopping centres. The assumption is that light creates heat. But with energy efficient skylights like VELUX, this is no longer true.”

Please read the full story. If VELUX skylights can help bring commercial success to a shopping centre, what could they do for your next project?

Men's Shed

Over the past 20 years, over 900 Men's Sheds have popped up across the country to combat social isolation and depression related illnesses. 

Designer Kim Andrews immediately thought of VELUX when she was asked to design the Hawthorn Men's Shed. "Most of the users are elderly and working with potentially dangerous tools so good light is essential. VELUX Skylights create wonderful natural light - depression busting and free of charge - so they were an integral part of my design." 

National Art School

The National Art School in Sydney, formerly known as the Darlinghurst Gaol has recently undergone major renovation and has restored life to the buildings through use of 80 VELUX Skylights.

The story explores how VELUX skylights were a crucial element in the design and renovation to bring much needed natural lighting into the space. An Art School can never have too much light, and the glimpse of blue sky and trees through the skylights add a spark of inspiration. 

If your project needs a spark of inspiration or the vibrance of natural light, you can contact us and discuss the opportunities. You are more than welcome to reach us on 1300 859 856 or send us an email at

McCarthy Homes

McCarthy Homes in Brisbane recently installed VELUX skylights at their new head office. "Our customers love the skylights," says owner and director Greg Kohl. "It's the first thing they notice and the one thing that leaves the strongest impression."

McCarthy Homes didn't install VELUX skylights just for the customers. The staff love them too. Client services manager Andrea Durrington: "It's much nicer to work in natural light and ventilation. The skylights seem to bring the outside in."

Are happy customers and happy staff among the objectives of your next commercial project? VELUX will help you every step of the way. Have a read through the case study and give us a call on 1300 859 856 or email us at if you would like further information.

Fire Test

It was a cool Day in Melbourne... until we turned on the heat

It was the coldest day of the year in Melbourne when close to 100 building surveyors and certifiers were gathered for the inaugural Exova Certifiers Education Day. But Exova Werringtonfire had turned on the heat inside...

A VELUX skylight faced Exova's new furnace with a surface temperature os 1100°C in a bushfire test. How can any product stand up to this inferno?

See our case study to see how VELUX skylights survive or head over to Made for Australia page to see more tests.

Lavender Farm

Top tourist spot adds VELUX to its attractions...

Bridestowe Lavender Estate is the world’s largest privately owned lavender farm and one of Tasmania’s main tourist attractions. But increasing visitor numbers revealed a problem: the heat was unbearable on hot summer days due to lack of ventilation.

The owner – Robert Ravens – considered air conditioning. But he soon realised there was a cheaper and more sustainable solution: VELUX skylights would not only provide free ventilation, but also free daylight.

The skylights have transformed Bridestowe: visitors stay longer, products present better and the staff are happier. On top of that comes energy savings of $21 per day.

Please read Robert’s story in the our case study. If you’d like to know what VELUX skylights could do for your projects, don’t hesitate to call 1300 859 856 or send us an email.

Sports Centre

Dark times turn bright...

Clarence Valley Council in northern NSW is a forward-thinking council. It realised that the new sports centre in Maclean could save substantial cost by letting VELUX skylights provide free daylight…instead of using energy-hungry artificial lights. 

But when the quotes came in, the building costs would exceed the budget. Initially the skylights were among the casualties but the council’s environmental section could see the long term benefits. It provided the funds to keep half the VELUX skylights and achieve the cost savings. 

Please read the full story in the our case study. Like many good stories, it’s a story of ingenuity and will power. You could make VELUX skylights part of your stories as well. Let’s discuss the opportunities…please call 1300 859 856 or send us an email.

Mt Hotham

VELUX – ready for everything Australia throws at it…

On a continent full of extremes, few places are as extreme as Mt.Hotham in the Victorian Alps. Haunted by bushfires in the summer and relentless snowstorms in winter, the mountain takes its toll on man and materials.

The Arlberg Snow Resort is perched at an altitude of 1,750 metres with no protection from the elements whatsoever. 26 skylights are a significant feature of the resort but condensation and leaks were major issues with a previous brand of skylight. The resort manager decided to replace all skylights with VELUX. Watertight as tiles, pressure tested under cyclonic conditions and accredited with the second highest level of bushfire resistance (BAL40), VELUX skylights now conquer Mt. Hotham on a daily basis.

Please read the full story in the our case study. If you’d like to know what VELUX skylights could do for your projects, don’t hesitate to call 1300 859 856 or send us an email.

Factory Upgrade

VELUX adds FREE daylight to factory...

Prompted by rising energy costs, Belle Skylights decided to install 20 skylights in their factory. Even though Belle produces their own plastic dome skylight, director Steve Clark chose VELUX for the application: 

“...I knew that VELUX skylights would give us all the light we needed,without adding to the heat in summer or to the cold in winter.” 

Steve’s VELUX skylights delivered everything he had hoped for. On Belle’s next energy bill the cost had dropped 35% and Steve estimates a payback time on his investment of 3 years. On top of that, his staff love working under natural daylight with a clear view to the skies. 

Please have a read through the case study and contact us on 1300 859 856 or email us if you would like to know what VELUX skylights could do for you.

Energy Savings

5 skylights... $1,500 in energy savings per year!

VELUX skylights are sometimes considered a luxury – especially for commercial buildings. But in fact VELUX skylights can SAVE money. In the case study our customer invested $2,545 but can look forward to energy savings of $1,500 per year.

We hope you’ll find the case study useful. Please contact us on 1300 859 856 or send us an email.