The Block 2017

Another huge season of The Block aired in 2017. In the race to out-renovate each other and stick within their budgets, the teams enlist the help of VELUX skylights. Flooding their rooms with natural light and providing added ventilation, the skylights provide essential function as well as being the beautiful centre of attention within the room.  

Watch this 3min highlights clip:

Reno Rumble VELUX skylights

Reno Rumble Season 2 

VELUX skylights take centre stage on the recent Channel 9 renovation show 'Reno Rumble'.  

Used so often and prominently,  the presenter, Scott Cam, referred to the show as "the VELUX show". They were also a huge hit with the judges, contestants & TV audiences alike.

How Do They Do It?

In 2014, a film crew visited our factory in Østbirk in order to shoot a film for the Discovery Channel about how we build and test roof windows.

Click to play the 7 minute segment.