Update your Skylights

Replacing Your Old Acrylic Dome?

From an acrylic dome to VELUX double glazed skylight in 7mins

You can replace an acrylic dome skylight with a VELUX flat roof skylight in just 7 minutes. This video shows you how. First of all the installer had built the collar adapter before arriving so it was in place within a minute. From then on it only got easier…

hail tested skylight

Designed to block Australia's hot sun of UV rays and tested against hail, bushfire, and cyclones.... Just a few benefits of the VELUX FCM.

Consider the VELUX FCM when replacing your old acrylic dome.

Five reasons to update your old acrylic dome

Improved insulation and energy efficiency
When it comes to insulation, an old skylight - even in good condition - is no match for a modern, double glazed  VELUX replacement.

Improved safety
VELUX High Performance Laminated Double Glazing makes our skylights safer in the unfortunate event of breakage. 

Complete range of skylights
VELUX created the skylight market and the most extensive product program to cover your needs. We have a number of solutions to serve your skylight replacement needs; including fixed (non-opening) models and opening models (manually operated or solar powered).

It's easier than you think
Updating your existing skylight with a new VELUX skylight can be done in as little as few hours. 

Quality you can trust
VELUX is known as a by-word for quality, a reputation that has been painstakingly developed for over 30 years nationally and 75 years globally.