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Tiny Houses

They’ve seen tremendous popularity in the last few years due to their appeal in minimalism and affordability. How do you make a tiny house livable? We have the answer...

Hanley's Farm

Reaching New Heights

Hanley’s Farm is a fast growing residential subdivision and features several group home builders, transforming the development with their unique showhome designs to take advantage of the incredible views of the surrounding Remarkables mountain range. The homes featured represent a diversity of architectural styles and price points, but they all share the same strategy for capturing natural light  and bringing outdoor scenery inside - VELUX Skylights. 

“WOW is the very first word everyone says when they see the skylights.”

The Barn

Could the humble barn point to the future of off-grid living?

Michael and Kristine Hansen were inspired by the classic barn when they built their new home in the Australian bush. With the help of architect Joe Snell, they created a modern, sustainable home that could point to the future of of off-grid living – and inspire conventional house design in the process. 19 VELUX skylights played a key role...

“I couldn’t have designed the house without VELUX skylights. They provide an abundance of natural light and make the house seem much bigger than it is. Even more importantly, they ARE the climate control system. With VELUX solar powered skylights and blinds there’s no need for air conditioning.” Joe Snell, architect.

Please download and read the full story.. 

Inspired by Wind

-brought to life by VELUX

Keith Dixon and Jenny Skinner fell in love with the Huon Valley in Tasmania and bought a block of land with beautiful views. But the block was on a hilltop…making the most of the views would expose their new home to ferocious winds from Antarctica. They presented local architect Misho Vasiljevich with the challenge.

Misho responded with a brilliant design. Shaped like an aeroplane wing, Keith and Jenny’s new home offers minimal wind resistance. And 19 VELUX roof windows placed at an aerodynamic angle help them take in the view and keep out the wind.

Please read the full story in the case study. If you feel inspired, don’t hesitate to call 1300 859 856 or send us an email. We would love to help you include VELUX skylights or roof windows in your next project. 

Reno Rumble

Runners-up Carly Schulz and Leighton Brow used VELUX skylights extensively during the first season of Reno Rumble. When faced with the challenge of transforming their own home – an old worker’s cottage – to a modern head-turner, they turned to VELUX again...
“We knew that they could solve the main problem of this renovation: the house next door was simply too close to get natural light and ventilation in through traditional windows”, says Leighton. “VELUX skylights would give us an abundance of light and ventilation. As well as complete privacy...”
There’s a lot more to the story and you can read all of it in the enclosed case study. VELUX skylights made a huge difference for Carly and Leighton – what could they do for your next project? Please call 1300 859 856 or send us an email. We would love to help you.

D&C Homes

VELUX skylights add the X-factor

D&C Homes in Adelaide installed their first VELUX skylight in a display home in 2014. Now they wouldn't build a display home without VELUX. Owners Andrew and Lance explain why:
"Put VELUX skylights in a display home and you have a standout feature. People are amazed with the light and space they create. When it comes to money, the investment can be justified in two words: energy savings. And VELUX skylights come in so many sizes and levels of sophistication that they'll suit any budget."

Read the case study for the full story. If you feel inspired, don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you include VELUX skylights in your next project.


VELUX skylights make GreenSmart project possible...

Building a home with no need for air conditioning is easier said than done when the outside temperature ranges from minus 10ºC to plus 40ºC. The McCoullough family had to – and VELUX skylights made it possible. 

In this case study you can see how the McCoulloughs built the ultimate Green Smart home on 750 acres of bush land with no road access, no power and no water. They used every Green Smart trick in the the end it was the VELUX skylights that got them across the line.

We hope you’ll find their story inspirational. If you’d like to know more about VELUX skylights, please call 1300 859 856 or send us an email.

Hail Test

Half of Australia's Costliest hailstorms have happened since 2007.

VELUX skylights are designed to handle anything Australia throws at it... including hail. But how can they resist hailstones the size and weight of cricket balls without breaking?

See our case study to see how VELUX skylights survive or head over to Made for Australia page to see more tests.

Building Trends

Space...light...privacy...the reasons for using VELUX skylights are diverse. But one thing is for sure: they are getting more and more popular among Australian architects, builders and home buyers.

In fact, in one of Canberra's display villages almost half the homes have VELUX skylights installed. We went to Canberra for a photo shoot and talked to three of the builders. You can read their stories in the case study.

If you want to know what VELUX can do for your designs, please give us a call on 1300 859 856 or send us an email.


VELUX Skylights weather the perfect storm...

On 6 March 2010 Melbourne was hit by a 'super cell thunderstorm' that released hail stones larger than cricket balls. In on of the worst affected areas, bird breeder John Spink was caught in his home beneath 16 skylights...10 plastic domes and 6 VELUX.

In this case study you can read John's story. His plastic dome skylights collapsed within a few minutes, releasing a flood of water into his home. In contrast, all VELUX skylights remained largely unaffected throughout the ordeal. A testament to the quality of VELUX skylights and the rigorous testing they are submitted to.

We hope you'll find the case study interesting. If you would like further information, please contact us on 1300 859 856 or send us an email.