VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control

A healthier indoor climate. Automatically.

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO is the easy way to a healthier indoor climate. Smart sensors continuously monitor the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in your home and open or close your VELUX  electric and solar powered VELUX products to create a healthier indoor climate.

Key benefits

  • Sensor-based ventilation: Smart sensors continuously monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels and open or close your skylights accordingly.

  • Stay in control: Use the VELUX ACTIVE app to operate your VELUX skylights and blinds from anywhere using your smartphone.

  • Easy installation: VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control can be installed  without any professional help.

velux active box for smart skylights
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    VELUX ACTIVE starter kit

    The starter kit includes: one indoor climate sensor, one departure switch and one gateway. Both the starter kit and the smartphone app are required to install VELUX ACTIVE in your home.

    How can I get VELUX ACTIVE?

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    VELUX ACTIVE departure switch

    Tap the departure switch on your way out to close your VELUX skylights. 

    It is recommended to install one departure switch for each exit from your home.

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    VELUX ACTIVE  indoor climate sensor

    The indoor climate sensor continuously measures temperature, humidity and air quality (CO2 levels) in the room.

    Use the switch on the sensor to open and close VELUX skylights.

    It is recommended to install one indoor climate sensor for each room with VELUX product.

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    VELUX ACTIVE gateway

    The gateway connects your VELUX  products, indoor climate sensor and departure switch. It also connects to the internet via your Wi-Fi router to enable operation of your VELUX  products from your smart phone.

    The gateway is included in the starter kit.

    Only one gateway is needed for each house or apartment.

Get an insight into your home's health

With the new VELUX ACTIVE dashboard, it’s easy to learn about the air quality of your home. The new indoor air quality dashboard displays the status of the room, notifying you instantly if the air quality is good, or bad. You can now view the history of temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, for a 24-hour, 7-day or 30-day period, displayed in an easy-to-read donut chart. Showing how long the air quality in the room has been inside, or outside, current comfort/health thresholds. 

The new dashboard advised how to adjust operation settings, to improve the air quality of the room.

A healthier indoor climate with sensor-based operation

VELUX ACTIVE delivers a healthier indoor climate to you and your family – automatically. It works out of the box to regulate your indoor climate via smart sensors, and its accuracy gradually improves as it learns to understand the indoor climate of your home.

Smartphone control app

Stay in control with the VELUX ACTIVE smartphone app

Use your mobile device to monitor your indoor climate and control the operation of your VELUX products from anywhere.

VELUX ACTIVE smartphone app is required to connect to your electric or solar powered products.

Privacy policy

  • Home overview
    velux active home page with active skylights on an iphone

    Home overview

    Get a quick overview of the indoor climate in all rooms and check if any windows are open.
  • Good morning and good night
    good morning and good night shortcuts on velux active

    Good morning and good night

    Pre-defined shortcuts for opening and closing all blinds for bright mornings and a good night’s sleep.
  • Easy departure
    easy close icons for velux active skylights on phone

    Easy departure

    Close your VELUX skylights  with one touch. Offers the same functionality as the VELUX ACTIVE departure switch.
  • Room status
    indoor climate status on phone with velux active

    Indoor climate status

    Monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in each room* to see if the indoor climate needs improving.

    * Purchase additional VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate sensors to monitor additional rooms with VELUX products (e.g. in kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and children’s room).
  • Convenient operation
    velux active slide icons to open and close velux active blinds

    Convenient operation

    Open and close your VELUX skylights and blinds from anywhere.
  • Customise your indoor climate
    easy slide icons on velux active app shown on phone to customize indoor climate

    Customise your indoor climate

    Easily change pre-defined settings, such as: personalised temperature level and daily ventilation frequency

Hey Siri, open my skylight

VELUX ACTIVE is Apple HomeKit* compatible, letting you control your VELUX products and other smart home devices using voice control. Simply ask Siri to open your skylight or create the perfect mood for a cosy night at home.

  • Say the word: Use voice control to operate your VELUX products.
  • Set scenes with other Apple HomeKit accessories: Multiple smart home devices can work together with your VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control.

It’s easy to get started

To install the starter kit, download the VELUX ACTIVE smartphone app, which will guide you through the four-step installation process. VELUX ACTIVE can be installed without any professional help.

settings icon

Plug in the gateway and download the app

wifi icon

Pairing the sensor and departure switch with the gateway

blinds icon

Detecting and adding VELUX skylights and blinds

phone icon

Assign names to the areas in your home (e.g. ‘my living room’)

The VELUX ACTIVE app requires the VELUX ACTIVE starter kit.

*iOS: VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9.0 or later.
Android: Requires Android 5.0 and higher with access to Google Play.
iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the US and other countries. 
App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

Download the VELUX ACTIVE app*