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Installation Videos

Light Shaft Instruction

Enhance your skylights with a light shaft that makes your jaw drop. This tutorial will take you through the process of ensuring you make the most of your skylight; making a good skylight installation a great architectural feature.

Metal Roof/Custom Flashing

This guide, presented by Kyal & Kara from The Block, demonstrate the basics to installing VELUX skylights into a pitched metal roof with custom flashing, while also providing some useful tips from experienced installers.

Products Used:
3x Electric Skylights 
3x Honeycomb Blinds 
Custom Flashing
-Custom flashing may vary depending on the manufacturer which can change some aspects of installation (eg: flashing used in this video required the removal of the skylight's perimeter bracket).
-A different installation method is required for installations on roofs less than 15 degrees.

Acrylic Dome to VELUX

This handy video shows you just how easy it is to swap from an acrylic dome style skylight to a VELUX FCM and reap the benefits. 

Products Used:
1x FCM 2222
Existing Custom Flashing

NB: - Custom made flashing is required when installing VELUX FCM Skylights. Not supplied by VELUX. Contact us for drawings and technical advice.
- VELUX FCM suitable for roof pitches between 0-60°