The FS Fixed Skylight is perfect for visually expanding any area of the home by transforming rooms with daylight and views of the sky. It provides an economical alternative for creating a spacious home that is filled with abundant daylight.

Product features:

  • White painted interior wood frame and sash.
  • Outer aluminium cappings (grey).
  • Smooth, low profile sits lower in the roof, does not obstruct the roofline.
  • High Performance double glazing as standard; with NEAT™ coating to reduce cleaning frequency.
  • Complete with flashings for corrugated iron or tile roofs.
  • Available in 10 sizes
  • Approx 75% Heat Block.

From $491 incl. GST

FS Fixed Skylight
NB:Product shown in film is VELUX GGL

Technical Performance

Skylight Installation Pitch
Pitched Roof Openable Skylights - 2021
U-value †

Solar Heat Gain
Co-efficient †
Bushfire ^

Hailstone Test*

WERS max 5 stars
(summer rating)
Skylight 2.60
Glass only 1.93
Skylight 0.24
Glass only 0.28
BAL40 VELUX Simulated Tests
ASTM E822-2009
AS4285, AS1288*
AS3959^, AS1530.8.1‡


NB: For roofs below 15° pitch, FS needs to be raised to 15° and custom flashed. VELUX can assist with technical advise and drawings (build-up not recommended in bushfire areas). *AS1288 and hailstone test applicable to 2004 glazing variant only. U-value (W/m²K) and SHGC data based on AFRC simulations for 2004 glazing, (FS complete skylight: size 1140mm x 1180mm).  ^2004 Glazing skylight only. Custom-made flashing required. Roof pitch 18°-75°.  2004 Glazing variant only.