Blockout the Light

VELUX Blockout blinds give you the best blackout – day or night. Providing a near complete blockout of light, they are perfect for bedrooms or anywhere else in the home that you need to completely block out the light.

  • Completely blocks the light out
  • Reflective backing which reduces heat gain & loss
  • Near-total light reduction
  • Reduces heat by approx 40%*
  • Available in white only
  • White rails and body
*Based on VELUX internal testing with 3076 model roof window.
blockout blind on skylight three quarters of the way down to show some sun

Blind Availability

Blind to fit Manual Blockout Solar Blockout


* Solar powered blinds include wireless wall-mounted keypad (KLI 312).

NB: Listed Blinds can be retrofitted to skylight after installation

Contact VELUX for information on blinds for FCM.

Pick & Click!

showing original VELUX mounting brackets to fit the blockout blinds
lady installing blinds and showing how easy it is through the pick and click
lady installing blinds with ease through the VELUX pick and click way

NB: New VELUX blind do not fit VELUX skylights manufactured prior to March 2010 & VELUX roof windows purchased prior to June 2015. 

Blinds for older models must be ordered accordingly – contact VELUX for details.