Hail Tested Skylight

Hail Tested Skylights

Made for Australia - bushfire

Hail Tested

To ensure our products are as tough as possible and are able to withstand the hail storms of the like seen recently in Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane, VELUX Australia has replicated the recognised American Solar Collector Hail Impact Test (ASTM E822-2009)...at a more extreme level.

In fact, the VELUX skylights were hit with ‘hailstones’ the size and weight of cricket balls at speeds of up to 172 kph – faster than any fast bowler has ever delivered a cricket ball! Check out the test brochure and the video...

Hail Damage?

With toughened double glazing tested for hail resistance, the VELUX FCM Skylight is the perfect replacement for old or  damaged acrylic domes. With a simple design and installation method, replacing your damaged dome is simple!


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