VELUX GPL is an openable, dual action roof window designed for in-reach applications and developed for use in attics and lofts to maximise roof top views and ventilation.

Product Features:

  • Opens in two ways: the bottom handle allows for top-hung opening; while a short pull on the top control bar operates the filtered vent flap for passive ventilation even while the window is shut. A longer pull allows the sash to rotate 180° for ease of cleaning the outer pane from inside the room.
  • Quality lacquered pine sash and frame
  • Complete with outer aluminium cappings and flashings for tile or corrugated iron roofs.
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Laminated double glazing as standard
  • Insect screen available as extra

From $810 incl GST

dual action roof window (GPL)

Technical Performance

U-value †

Solar Heat Gain
Co-effecient †

Heat Block

WERS max 5 stars
(summer rating)
Skylight 1.20
Glass only 1.00
Skylight 0.30
Glass only 0.30
BAL40 Aprox 70%  
AS4285‡, AS1288
AS3959^, AS1530.1††

NB: For roofs below 15° pitch, roof windows need to be raised to 15° and custom flashed. VELUX can assist with technical advice and drawings. (NB: build-up not recommended in Bushfire areas.)

† U-value (W/m²K) and SHGC calculated according to EN 14351-1:2006 + A1:2010 (window size 1140mm x 1400mm).

^ Bushfire testing applicable to GPL in roof pitch 18°-55°. Roof window only. Custom-made flashing required. Roof window tested in closed position, additional mesh protection may be required for opening apertures (consult local council).

†† Roof window in closed position.

‡ Except Cyclonic.

Dual action roof window - size chart