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Sun Tunnels


Sun tunnels - natural light where you never thought possible

- Improved design reduces installation time

The NEW generation VELUX Sun Tunnel has been redesigned from the ground up with a wide range of improvements that make installation faster and easier. Tube assembly time is reduced and less time is spent in the roof cavity.

The VELUX flexible and rigid Sun Tunnels provide installation flexibility. Rigid tunnels deliver a straight shaft of light for when the ceiling is placed directly under the exterior window. Flexible tunnels can be used when obstructions in the roof cavity prevent the use of rigid Sun Tunnels.


Dark, windowless areas lurk in every home. Toilets, small bathrooms, hallways, offices, wardrobes - they can all be unwelcoming if they never see daylight. Now you can transform your home with sunshine using the unique VELUX Sun Tunnel.

Our Sun Tunnels run from roof to ceiling to flood even your home’s darkest and most isolated spaces with daylight.

  • Double glazed diffuser
  • 99% reduction of harmful UV rays
  • Flat roof module which does not interrupt the roof line like other tubular products
  • Integral flashing

    Rigid Sun Tunnel
    A highly reflective inner surface makes for the ultimate natural light solution.

    Rigid Sun Tunnel

    Flexible Sun Tunnel
    Easy to install, this tunnel can be up to two metres in length.

    Flexible Sun Tunnel