Bringing light to life 

Daylight is what makes the world function... so why not bring it into your home as much as possible? With VELUX solar powered skylights, you can infuse the rejuvenating aspects of the sun into your family's life, keeping them happy and healthy.

Creating Impact

Skylights aren't just for lighting, skylights make an architectural impact.
The design of your light-shaft can turn lighting into a master piece. Don't waste the opportunity, design your light-shaft to highlights what you've done.

Entertaining the possibilities

Kitchens can be havens for nasty cooking odours. With the inclusion of openable skylights, all those undesirable smells can be quickly ushered into the outdoors, leaving your kitchen (and the rest of your home) smelling the way it should.

The recipe for a great kitchen

Skylight pairs placed on either side of a ridge fill the kitchen with daylight and open up the space and create an architectural feature. With the press of a button, the solar powered blockout blinds easily cut out the light when necessary.

Your window on the world

Because they are on the roof, skylights let in more light than traditional vertical windows. On this flat roof, a group of six VELUX Solar Skylights brighten up the kitchen, making the room feel more spacious and provide plenty of ventilation.‚Äč

Contrast dark cabinetry

Skylights in this kitchen have been used to balance the darker colours used in design by providing a bright contrast.
With additional skylights over the breakfast bar, a quick meal can be had in beautiful natural daylight.

Sky for Day, Pendant for Night

Skylights can provide abundant sunshine during the day and become a central part of any room. It's no wonder then, that adding lighting within the light-shaft is an excellent way to enhance the room at night.

Products Used:

Gain a feeling of Spaciousness

What's one way to create the impression of a large room? Ceiling height plays a large part in the apparent size of a room.
By adding a number of skylights to a space, you not only lift the height of the ceiling, but you provide a view that extends through the clouds.