Total Transformation

Stairwells don't have to be neglected and boring spaces. Add some skylights to these usually dark areas and you can create a brilliantly bright and open space.

Products Used:

Stunning Entrance

No one walks into this entrance hallway without being blown away by the skylight feature. As soon as you walk in, you're hit by a sense of grandeur from the height of the ceiling as the abundant light.

Bright and fresh

A fixed skylight can be a great way to add light and extra depth to a stairwell. But by adding an opening skylight you can vent heat rising up through the stairwell. 
Program your solar skylight to open/close on a timer - even if you're not home!

Products Used:

    A stack of light

    VELUX skylights make it possible to bring natural light into internal stairwells. Even on a cloudy day, our skylights provide ample lighting.

    Products Used:


      Welcoming in daylight

      A VELUX fixed skylight is a great way to add a new dimension to your hallway. This hallway is now a brighter, more inviting space, basking in all the benefits of natural light.

      Products Used: