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It's not just the floor space which affects how small a room can feel, it's also the ceiling height. Create a vast expanse by incorporating a skylight feature and feel how open your home feels - even within a small area.

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Bring the Outside In

This bedroom makes great use of windows and skylights to bring the feel of the outdoors inside. Not only do skylights provide natural daylight and fresh air, but they can also provide a glimpse of the green outdoors - without leaving your bed.

Products Used:

Sleeping under the stars

This bedroom was designed with daylight and ventilation in mind. Two VELUX Solar Skylights installed on the roof provide ample lighting and an opportunity to let cool breezes flow through the room on those warm summer evenings. Leave the blinds open at night to view the stars, and put them on a timer to close before the sun rises for that sought after sleep-in.

A brighter bedroom

Thanks to skylights, this bedroom now benefits from abundant natural light during the day. The convenience of the solar powered blockout blinds makes it a breeze to close the blinds when you want a nap. And the white-painted sash adds a clean, modern look to the room.

Make the most of your space

Here two VELUX solar powered skylights add a new dimension to the space, bringing in additional natural daylight and brightening up the room. An interesting light shaft has been used to fit into the timber ceiling for maximum effect.

Products Used: