Sunny bathroom

Brighten your bathroom by flooding light in with VELUX skylights. Even bathrooms with a darker tones can look bright and clean with the addition of a VELUX solar powered skylight.


Fresh air and daylight

Fresh air and daylight fill the entire bathroom and give you the perfect moment of silence and privacy. The VELUX Solar Powered Skylight can be programmed to ventilate the room even when you are away and will close automatically if it begins to rain. 


Products Used:

Make-up Ritual

Nothing looks the same under artificial lighting - especially make-up. That's why your morning ritual is best done under the natural  daylight  your skylight provides - no more going out side and realising the colour is all wrong.


Natural light anywhere

VELUX skylights make it possible to bring natural light to every corner of your home – and to those areas where you traditionally may not expect them. Even on a cloudy day, these cost-effective skylights provide ample daylight.