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Living room ideas - Brighten your day

Brighten Your Day

Whether you're entertaining or relaxing, skylights add life to any room and dark corners become a thing of the past. This living area has been opened up with a view of the bright blue sky.

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Living room ideas - Double your light – and your view

Gain More Light... and a View

To achieve views and abundant natural daylight in your living room, install skylights in pairs or triplets. VELUX solar powered skylights can be opened and closed with the KLR 200 touch screen remote control to provide the ultimate comfort and convenience. This living room has gained an extra sense of height with the light-well built into the flat ceiling and skylights providing a view of the sky.

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Living room ideas - Flat roofs

Don't Let a Flat Roof Stop You

The VELUX flat roof skylight lets you install skylights in your new extension. Their purpose-built frame allows installation in the flattest of roofs bringing ample light into any room of the home.

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Living room ideas - A wall of light

A Sense of Space

Skylights placed in a large ceiling will bring added light, but they can also make the space appear bigger and more inviting. VELUX skylights come in a variety of sizes to fit any application or room.

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Living room ideas - Get the 'wow' effect

Your Guests Will be Amazed 

Although skylights are great for providing natural light and ventilation, they can be used for much greater effect. No one who enters this house will be able to miss the 16 skylights installed, any quests will be amazed at the architectural feature you've created.

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Living room ideas - Design centered on skylights

Center Your Living Space Around Skylights 

Incorporate Skylights into your room design for best effect. As skylights can draw the eye, using them as a central figure in the room can enhance the design and allows the skylights to flawlessly blend into the living space.