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Installation Instructions

Installation manuals

View or download installation instructions from the entire catalogue of VELUX Skylights and Sun Tunnels.

All guides are available in PDF format. If you cannot find the guide you are looking for, please call VELUX directly on 1300 859 856.

Opening Skylight

 GGL Pivoting Roof Windows
 VSE/VS Top Hinged Skylights

Fixed Skylights
FS Fixed Skylight
FCM Low Pitch Skylight

Sun Tunnels

TWR Rigid Sun Tunnels
TWF Flexible Sun Tunnels 

Other Instructions
EDW Flashing for FS Fixed Skylight
EDL Flashing for FS Fixed Skylight
KLR 100 User Manual (Remote for VSE Electric Skylight)
KLR 200 User Manual (Touchscreen Remote for VSE Electric Skylight)